Fellowship and fees

Tuition, housing, and meals are provided at no charge to participants. Wabassers are only responsible for their personal transportation to and from Wabash, IN. It is highly recommend that Wabassers drive to Wabass.

Sample Schedule

8:30-9 am

9:15-12 pm


1:30-4:30 pm

5 pm 



Bass Class


Private Lessons


Faculty Recital (Mon.)

Masterclass (Tues.-Wed.)

Recital Rehearsal (Thurs.)

Public Recital (Fri.)

Audition Guidelines
The Wabass Institute requires an UNLISTED video submission uploaded to YouTube with your very best performance (maximum video length: 10 minutes). There are no repertoire requirements, but below are some suggestions:

Classical: Two contrasting works from solo bass literature. A few orchestral excerpts.

Jazz: Two contrasting tunes from the standard jazz literature.

In any order, perform the melody (head), take a solo (as many or few choruses as you wish), and lay down a mean bass groove.​

Be creative! make your own arrangement.