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Honeywell Arts Academy provides a nurturing space for creativity to positively impact the next generation of musicians.



gives the next generation of versatile musicians and already formed groups an opportunity to learn from one another alongside the world renowned faculty, to push their artistry forward while also addressing the entrepreneurial facet of the music industry. With faculty Peter Dugan, Charles Yang, Ranaan Meyer, and Nick Kendall (Time for Three)


inspires the next generation of pianists by focusing on the free flow of ideas from student to teacher to peers in a collaborative environment we call "sharing of knowledge".  Built upon the principle that we should view and encourage our peers as colleagues as opposed to competitors keeping musicianship and artistry at the forefront of our ideals. With faculty John O'Conor and Peter Dugan.


continues to inspire the next generation of double bassists fostering an inclusive, supportive environment where ideas are freely shared from teacher to student and vice versa. As the Institute approaches season 14, Wabass alumni are worldwide continuing to spread the “sharing of knowledge.” With faculty Eric Larson, Hal Robinson, and Ranaan Meyer.



By making all of our programs full scholarship to those accepted, it truly allows artistry and musicianship to be the only determining factor for admission. Honeywell Arts Academy provides real world training at the highest level to engage with the local and global community.


In a highly competitive world musicians must embrace staying in touch with their craft. A program focused on promoting creativity and musicianship within the realm of artistic business practices is vital to remain relevant.


Committed to fostering the human spirit, we educate all who participate in our programs to understand the significance of inspiring people through music making. Curated performance opportunities for both attendees and faculty benefit those who might otherwise not be able to attend a performance of this caliber. Performances like this showcase the power of music for the audience and the musicians.

"...a reminder that high artistry doesn't have to come at the exclusion of good citizenship."

- Yoshiaki Horiguchi, 2019 alumnus

In 2020 upon completing season 13 of Wabass Institute for the Double Bass Artistic Director Ranaan Meyer, CEO Tod Minnich, and the Honeywell Foundation team decided to expand programs for the 2021 season forming the Honeywell Arts Academy. Founded in 2008, Wabass quickly became known to the bass community as a premier summer program. Today, Wabass alumni hold esteemed positions in the Royal Concertgebouw, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, and many more. Others have founded small ensembles and entrepreneurial initiatives such as, Sybarite5 and Westbound Situation. As the Institute approaches season 14, Wabass alumni are worldwide continuing to spread the “sharing of knowledge.” 

Honeywell Arts Academy is a unique full fellowship summer music institute held annually in Wabash, Indiana composed of three programs:

  • Resonance - Innovative Musicians

  • Soundboard - Pianists

  • Wabass Institute - Double Bassists

All fueled by the same mission to foster an inclusive, supportive environment where ideas are free flowing from teacher to student and vice versa which is a philosophy we refer to as the “sharing of knowledge”. Each respective component comes together for an intensive period of musical development including what it takes to thrive as a musician and the invaluable effect of spreading the joy of music to positively impact the human spirit.

Program Director emeyer@honeywellarts.org

Honeywell Foundation Offices
275 W. Market St.
Wabash IN 46992
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