What are the audition requirements?

The Wabass Institute requires an UNLISTED video submission uploaded to YouTube with your very best performance (maximum video length: 10 minutes). There are no repertoire requirements, but below are some suggestions:

Classical: Two contrasting works from solo bass literature. A few orchestral excerpts.

Jazz: Two contrasting tunes from the standard jazz literature.

In any order, perform the melody (head), take a solo (as many or few choruses as you wish), and lay down a mean bass groove.​

Be creative! make your own arrangement. 

How do I post my video for my Wabass audition?

On YouTube, sign in and go to Upload Video. Select the video you want to upload, and before uploading, set the privacy setting to Unlisted. This is very important, as Private videos cannot be viewed by the faculty. Public videos can be easily searched for and viewed by people other than the faculty, and we strongly discourage applicants from leaving videos public until the admission process is complete. Be sure to include a link to your unlisted YouTube video with your application, as they cannot be searched for. If you need additional help in uploading videos, please consult YouTube’s help documents.

What are the age requirements for Wabass?

Bass players ages 18 and up can apply to the Wabass Institute. There is no upper age limit.

Do I need to accompany my child if he/she is minor?

No, parents are not required to accompany children. However, we welcome family members to our recital at the end of the week.

When is the Wabass application deadline?

Wabass Institute application deadlines are announced at the same time as the dates for the program. Typically the deadline is set at February 1st.