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About Us

"...a reminder that high artistry doesn't have to come at the exclusion of good citizenship."
- Yoshiaki Horiguchi, 2019 alumnus



To enrich the opportunity for artistic ambassadors to advance human connection.


Honeywell Arts Academy escalates the reach of emerging artists through empowering opportunities for artistic expression.


Excellence and Integrity: We amplify individual expression, respect for diverse perspectives, and detailed execution.


Collaboration and Innovation: We enrich our environment by creatively working together to provide greater impact for human connection.


Confidence and Resourcefulness: We encourage one another to face challenges by learning, adjusting, and directing.


Sharing of knowledge is a philosophy that provides an incubator for individuals to share their unique and valued perspectives. This philosophy creates a knowledge exchange to anyone open to giving and receiving. Sharing of knowledge is the foundation for Honeywell Arts Academy.


Our Story

Sharing of knowledge was founded at Wabass Institute. World renowned faculty mentors Eric Larson, Ranaan Meyer, and Hal Robinson came together to inspire the next generation of distinguished double bassists. The legacy of this philosophy continues to fuel the double bass world and has broadened its influence to additional instruments. 


The inaugural Wabass Institute provides full scholarship summer mentorship to double bassists from world class faculty in Wabash IN. The philosophy sharing of knowledge was created. 


Eagles Theatre is acquired by Honeywell Foundation, the future home of Honeywell Arts Academy 


10 years of Wabass Institute and the sharing of knowledge resulted in a 95% placement for double bassists in the music industry. This track record is exceptional in any field but especially considering the unpredictability of the music industry.  


The sharing of knowledge expanded its impact to reach additional musicians through full scholarship mentorship in Wabash, IN. Pianists through Soundboard Institute and genre fluid exceptional musicians through Resonance Institute. These three institutes; Wabass, Soundboard and Resonance, collectively form Honeywell Arts Academy.  


Three years of Honeywell Arts Academy illustrates impressive growth in audience development, donor engagement, and industry credibility. The sharing of knowledge continues to compound and result in success.  

2023 and beyond 

Honeywell Arts Academy continues to inspire through the sharing of knowledge and summer programming. The Academy looks to innovative ways to create deeper year-round impact in more communities.  

Our Board of Directors.

Incredible leadership and guidance is provided by our Board of Directors, which serves as the legal, governing body of The Honeywell Arts Academy.

These energetic and innovative individuals are committed to overseeing the mission, vision, financial health, and management of the organization.

Dave Haist, Chair

Parker Beauchamp

Marsh Davis

Steve Ford

Carole Haas Gravagno

Sally Krouse

Larry Mattera

Jeanne Mirro

Shiv Sethi

Stanford Thompson


Our Team.

Honeywell Arts Academy is comprised of dynamic music industry professionals that help guide and shape opportunities for the emerging artists of the future. 

Artistic Team
Our Team
Administrative Team

Thank You!

to the entire Honeywell to the entire Honeywell Arts & Entertainment team for their contributions to make this possible.

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