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Honeywell Arts Fellowship Overview

Total annual fellowship encompassing services and paid opportunities. ​

  • 4 recording industry level tracks that will be distributed quarterly.   

  • Professional photography

  • Video content to support Artist's track releases

  • Attentive support throughout the distribution process  

  • Cohesive branding across all digital platforms (social, music distribution, and website)  

  • Insight into decades of industry knowledge from leading professionals

  • Individualized year-round mentorship

Honeywell Arts Fellowship is a year-round experience that offers time, space, and resources to select Honeywell Arts Academy – Resonance Institute alumni.

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Honeywell Fellowship Scholars exemplify the following: 

  • Extraordinary Advanced Talent 

  • Ambitious 

  • Proactive 

  • Responsible 

  • Thrives in a teamwork/collaborative environment 

  • Pursuing a career in music 


Sharing of knowledge is a philosophy that provides an incubator for individuals to share their unique and valued perspectives. This philosophy creates a knowledge exchange to anyone open to giving and receiving. Sharing of knowledge is the foundation for Honeywell Arts Academy. 



To enrich the opportunity for artistic ambassadors to advance human connection.  



Honeywell Arts Academy escalates the reach of emerging artists through empowering opportunities for artistic expression.  


Excellence and Integrity: We amplify individual expression, respect for diverse perspectives, and detailed execution.  

Collaboration and Innovation: We enrich our environment by creatively working together to provide greater impact for human connection.  

Confidence and Resourcefulness: We encourage one another to face challenges by learning, adjusting, and directing.  


Honeywell Arts Fellowship provides time, space, and resources needed to establish a sustainable career framework rooted in sharing of knowledge philosophy. With the intention that each artist will be equipped to carry out a sustainable career.   


The Honeywell Arts Fellowship provides:  

  • Personalized Mentorship 

  • Artistic Refinement  

  • Paid Performance Opportunities  

  • Content Creation & Distribution  

  • Artistic Ambassador Initiative 

Each year, Honeywell Arts Fellowship offers a series of visiting faculty, coaches, and workshops in each of the above areas.  

Invitations to join the Honeywell Arts Fellowship program as a Fellowship Scholar are extended on an annual basis for a maximum of three seasons, at the sole discretion of Honeywell Arts Fellowship and with the understanding that a Fellow’s participation in the program is subject to ongoing review by the Artistic Director, annual review board, and Honeywell Arts Academy staff.  

Honeywell Arts Fellowship

Selected fellowship scholars will receive on-going mentorship, paid performance opportunities, and resources for content creation. Honeywell Arts Fellowship is mutually beneficial for the fellowship scholars and the organization. It escalates the reach for greater artistic and organizational growth and connection. 


Personalized Mentorship  

Selected Fellowship Scholar's will begin by establishing their individual vision, mission, and values to guide the course of their work both artistically and as an ambassador. This is a combination of leadership training and hands-on experimentation that is intended to give Fellows a comprehensive entrepreneurial skill set alongside the artistic training. Fellow's will have access to Honeywell Arts Fellowship artistic, curated virtual field gurus, and administrative teams to gain a deeper knowledge of the inner workings of the music industry gained from decades of experience.  


Artistic Ambassador Initiative 

Artistic Ambassadors are artists who inspire human connection through the sharing of knowledge advancing community with diverse perspectives, training, and expertise. For a 21st century musician to be successful, they must realize their involvement and contribution to the world outside of the music industry. The artists vision, mission, and values will help to identify areas in which their art can impact underserved communities. These initiatives will be incorporated into the artists’ residency activities.  


Content Creation & Distribution  

Remaining relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape is an imperative piece of a successful artistic career. Quality materials reflective of their artistry will help to promote each artist which will yield audience growth and engagement. High quality materials will help to gain awareness of each artist/group and convert into bookings. This includes on-site recording, video, and more. 


Artistic Refinement   

Fellowship Scholars will receive coaching on their craft with a goal to connect wider audiences to gain believers resulting in a new level of performance opportunity. Preparation will ensure that the highest artistic level can be reached through public performances.  


Paid Performance Opportunities  

Opportunity to expand 'sharing of knowledge' through residencies aligning with their identified vision, mission, and values. Each Fellow will have the opportunity to perform at minimum a paid 3-day residency per year. These programs help Fellows improve their audience connection skills while also providing profound services to the greater community and beyond. Honeywell Arts Fellowship is dedicated to helping Fellows expand their horizons, expand their humanity, and participate without reservation.  

*Application formatted best for desktop completion 

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