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Alumni Opportunities

On November 13th, we gathered for a beautiful evening of music and celebration for the opening gala of Eagles Theatre in Wabash. This was a loooong time coming. With Eagles original opening in early 2020, then a swift shift to closure due to COVID-19, the gala celebration for the renovation of this cornerstone in the Wabash community had been postponed nearly 20 months. As the home of Honeywell Arts Academy it seemed fitting to have select alumni share their music with the audience in this space for many reasons. One particularly interesting fact being The Academy was the first live music back on the Eagles Theatre stage in June 2020 after COVID regulations lifted.

Anton Kot left, Grant Flick center, Jacob Warren right

Honeywell Arts Academy is committed to providing meaningful professional opportunities for its alumni both locally and nationally. Our connection with these exceptional musicians begins in Wabash but It continues as part of the sharing of knowledge family for life.

To learn more on how you can be a part of the sharing of knowledge community and ensuring the continuation of our full scholarship opportunities visit us here.

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