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#GivingTuesday and The Sharing of Knowledge

“My chief aim was to awaken and permanently instill spiritual feelings not only in the singers but in the listeners.” - Beethoven

While the classical music art form is antiquated simply for that fact that it’s hundreds of years old, the sentiments remain the same, to inspire both the artist and the listener. Honeywell Arts Academy is innovating the perspective.

The educational landscape for major league music making puts an emphasis on competition and exclusivity over creativity and community, missing the beat. We are shifting that mindset and our alumni success rate has proven the concept.

There is so much noise in our modern society and culture that we have become guarded as a seemingly necessary means for survival. These safeguarding measures have fed to an escalating elitist mentality creating a mirage as if this is the goal rather than the gift that is music.

Honeywell Arts Academy has been inspiring aspiring musicians through our intimate week-long full scholarship programs for the past 15 years. The Academy has thrived as it puts the focus on community by breaking down barriers with high caliber musicianship through something we call the sharing of knowledge.

The Sharing of Knowledge

verb the constructive exchange of information between people.

Our terminology is very intentional with the faculty mentors and fellowship scholars to swap the traditional teacher student verbiage to support the sharing of knowledge mindset. Giving people the space to share and exchange ideas freely regardless of background and without financial obligation, results in a melting pot of ideas and shift in vantage point.

“It is unique to be part of a small group of top players and teachers in a welcomingly open atmosphere. It was a turning point for me both personally and professionally, and I still keep in touch with some friends I made there.” -- Nicholas Schwartz, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, 2008 alumnus

Our alumni can be found spearheading all facets of the music world. Through music education in Quad City, IA giving shaping the minds of young musicians, sitting principal stand of the double bassists at the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, sourcing new and cataloging music as librarian for the San Francisco Symphony, or continuing their education at universities and music schools, all of whom are carrying with them the tools given to in Wabash and sharing them with their peers, multiplying the impact.

“….a reminder that high artistry doesn’t have to come at the exclusion of good citizenship.” – Yoshiaki Horiguchi, 2019 alumnus

The Academy alumni now spans the globe giving back to communities in your back door. Music has the power to connect the seemingly unconnectable while leaving space for others to be heard. When giving to the Honeywell Arts Academy you share in being part of this shift and global community. Your gift ensures that these musicians have a stage to share thoughtful concepts and ideas while becoming ambassadors of good citizenship and the leaders of tomorrow.

Donate now to make a gift to The Honeywell Arts Academy

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