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Our Home, Eagles Theatre

Wabash Indiana, an unexpected respite between picturesque cornfields is just a

windows-down-radio-up, road trip distance from Indianapolis or Chicago. Its impeccably kept picturesque historical downtown had been patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting for a state-of-the-art renovation, Eagles Theatre. Standing outside you can almost feel the rush of art and inspiration that has moved through this space since its 1906 inception and the promise of the vibrancy to come with its renovated mainstage, modern recording studio and editing space, practice and lesson rooms, and hand-painted ballroom. The new home of Honeywell Arts Academy.

It’s June 2021, the inaugural year of Honeywell Arts Academy. The culmination of vision and planning to expand the 14-year legacy of Wabass Institute for the Double Bass’ philosophy, “sharing of knowledge” to include additional instruments. The Academy, comprised of three institute sessions ranges in instrumentation from Resonance for the multi-faceted musician of any instrument, Soundboard for pianists, and Wabass, all rooted in this vetted philosophy. The experiment of adding these sessions was like any good performance, ample preparation and practice with the thrill of the unknown mixed in. Honeywell Arts Academy 2021 left all who experienced it, from the musicians, to the audience, to the behind-the-scenes staff, with their cup overflowing with inspiration.

Sitting here in September, rapidly approaching audition season for year two and reflecting on how to describe the indescribable - one word crops up continuously: revitalize. We revitalized concentration. The ability to concentrate and tune out the whirlwind around us, to leave the day to day and focus on our craft. We revitalized connection. Connection between people directly and indirectly through the music making that was shared on the stage, in classes and jam sessions, and throughout the community. This idyllic revitalization doesn’t just stay in Wabash for those weeks that we’re all together, we carry it with us to our communities across the world, sharing the knowledge with friends and peers, students and teachers, revitalizing the industry.

Honeywell Arts Academy applications open November 2021, to be the first to know sign up here.

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